Emmanuel Macron: more popular for his handshake than his policy?

Russian President Vladimir Putin traveled to France on Monday to hold talks with Emmanuel Macron, who won the recent presidential election in France despite Russian support for his opponent.
During Putin's visit to France, President Macron said they had a "frank and direct exchange”.
Macron warned Putin that chemical weapons in Syria were a "red line" for France, and that he would continue to monitor civil rights violations of gay and transgender people in Chechnya.
But the two said they did not privately discuss reports of Russian meddling in last month's French elections, including an 11th-hour cyberattack on Macron's campaign.
But what interested people the most was their handshake. Indeed, after running circles around Trump, the world wanted to know how Macron would deal with Vladimir Putin?
Brutal handshake, jailhouse stare, tough-guy shoulder slap? No, none of the above, because the French president knew it’s not a good idea to try the same trick on two tou…

Manchester bombing echoes IS attack on Bataclan (Paris) and of youth being targeted

"Liberty, equality, fraternity". These three words define my country. I was born and grew up in France. France is a wonderful country which is so rich in history, in culture and in splendid places. But this country in which I always lived a peaceful life without any problems suddenly sunk into a one full of violence and tragedy.
The day when everything changed was November 13, 2015. On that day I went home after university to my mother’s house for the weekend. While the rest of my family was watching a football game of the France team, I was in my room studying. 
Suddenly my Mom came into my room and told me "Alicia there is a problem, something happened. I think it's serious. A bomb exploded in the stadium of France during the game…" I asked her puzzled and naive if the situation is really serious. I didn’t understand in that moment the huge tragedy for my country. 
While I was searching for more information in social networks, I saw that there was not only one …
FBI director publicly confirmed secret investigation into Donald Trump team's possible links to Russia during US Presidential election on Monday.
FBI director publicly confirmed secret investigation into Donald Trump team's possible links to Russia during US Presidential election on Monday.
The US media has for months reported that the bureau was probing possible collusion between Russia and the team of President Trump.
The head of the FBI James Comey has for the first time publicly confirmed before the House Intelligence Committee that federal investigators have launched a criminal investigation into suggestions of collusion between Russia and Donald Trump's campaign during 2016 presidential election. Accusations claim that Russia tried to influence the election by hacking the Democratic National Committee and releasing information embarrassing to Hillary Clinton.

During the hearing, Mr Comey and Mr Rogers - head of NSA - said they had no evidence or intelligence that Russian…
Girl Guides of Canada said Monday that they cancel all trips to the United States after Trump's Travel Ban citing fears at the two countries' border.

The organization, which is Canada's equivalent of the Girl Scouts, released a statement Monday saying it decided to cancel future trips to the United States until further notice due to uncertainty over whether all of its members would equally be allowed to enter the US. The scouting organization, which frequently arranges trips to the US, worried some girls could get left behind when a group tried to enter the US, CBC reports.

President Donald Trump has said he wants to keep "bad hombres" out of the US. Issued March 6, Trump's revised executive order blocks most travel to the US for 90 days by citizens of Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. It also suspends admission of refugees for 120 days.

National manager of marketing and communications for Girl Guides of Canada, Sarah Kiriliuk, says organisation …